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Components for Power Distribution and Connection

FTG manufactures Electrical Equipment in the Black Forest plant in Triberg. These are components for power distribution and connection in switch cabinets. Components are a wide range of 1- to 4-pole busbars for NH fuse switch disconnectors, UL Standard, motor protection switches, or power distribution blocks, flexible power distribution systems, terminals, earthing material and cable bridges.

FTG Products

VSMeasy – Busbars for Motor Protection Switches

When it comes to high currents and a secure connection when there is only little space, FTG’s fully encapsulated busbars are the best choice. The motor protection circuit busbars provide more safety for systems with electric motors that have motor protection switches. In combination, the motor protection switches reliably protect against high starting currents, a longer braking distance, drive faults and motor overloads.

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Verteilerklemme PDB Solar

Power distribution for solar plants

The PDB Solar serves as a transfer point between solar panels and switches in solar applications and is UL approved for aluminium and copper conductors.

LPDB DIN Tragschienen-Halter

Connection Terminals adapted for DIN rail mounting

With the DIN rail holder (KAH) for its cost-effective KA terminal series, FTG adds another customer advantage to its range for simple power supply in outdoor areas. The clamp, which was specially manufactured at the Black Forest factory in Triberg, will provide more comfort and improved handling in mounting on DIN rails.

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Edelstahlband 50m

50 m Stainless Earthing Strap for earthing and installation

The stainless earthing strap, which can be cutted to individual lengths, holds 50 meters strap for installation. This is used in the field of earthing, to protect against lightning strikes or for conduction of electrical currents. Can be a solution of application in mounting areas. According to VDE 0190 / 5.73, its usable for the application in earthing systems, lightning protection systems and in ring equipotential bondings.

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FTG – Manufacturer of Electrical Equipment.

FTG is an important employer in the southern Black Forest region, part of a worldwide group, an important partner for its customers and an active supporter when it comes to social and regional matters. The company has been steady growing since it was established in 1962 and is continuing to develop today.
We specialise in electrical power distribution and connection. We are a leading manufacturer of busbars; our product portfolio is growing all the time and is certified under the leading standards. Our products are used in many areas, from building services through machine control to electrical infrastructure. Ensuring a safe, uninterrupted power supply is our primary objective and a crucial element in achieving progress and prosperity.
We are there to help you across the globe and to offer you advice and information about our range of more than 10,000 products. In addition, we work with you to develop the best possible solutions for your specific requirements.
We‘re on hand to make your visions come true.



Take a look in our catalog! On approximately 180 pages you will find components of electrical euquipment for power distribution and connection, including 1- to 4-pole busbars, UL busbars, busbars for NH fuse switch disconnectors, motor protection switches, flexible systems, vertical power distribution systems, power distribution blocks, terminals, wiring bridges and earthing material.

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