FTG Komponenten der Elektroinstallation

Systems of Power Distribution and Connection

FTG is an important employer in the southern Black Forest region, part of a worldwide group, an important partner for its customers and an active supporter when it comes to social and regional matters. FTG produces electrical equipment for power connection and distribution for a wide range of switch cabinets.

FTG Products
PV Phasenschienen FTG-2

Solar Busbars

The fast wiring of a large number of fuses is required in distributors of photovoltaic systems. At the same time, the solution should not only be powerful, but also cost-effective to use. For the extensive and diverse range of photovoltaic busbars from the manufacturer FTG, located in Triberg, there are now also the inexpensive busbar versions.

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OVP Busbars for SPD Type 2

The transition period for the DIN VDE 0100-443 and DIN VDE 0100-534 standards has expired in mid-December 2018 in Germany. Since then, the installation of surge protective devices (SPD) in private residential and small commercial buildings has been mandatory. More and more electricians are starting to upgrade surge protection devices type 2 in combination with main switches – however, this requires fast and pre-assembled wiring, as made possible by the FTG busbars from Triberg.

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VSMeasy – Busbars for Motor Protection Switches

When it comes to high currents and a secure connection when there is only little space, FTG’s fully encapsulated busbars are the best choice. The motor protection circuit busbars provide more safety for systems with electric motors that have motor protection switches. In combination, the motor protection switches reliably protect against high starting currents, a longer braking distance, drive faults and motor overloads.

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Verteilerklemme PDB Solar

Power Distribution
for Solar Systems

The PDB Solar serves as a transfer point between solar panels and switches in solar applications and is UL approved for aluminium and copper conductors.

FTG Gesamtkatalog Power Distribution Systems


Take a look in our catalog! On approximately 180 pages you will find components for power distribution and connection, including 1- to 4-pole busbars, UL approved busbars, busbars for NH fuse switch disconnectors, motor protection switches, flexible systems, vertical busbars, Power distribution blocks, terminals, wiring bridges and grounding material.


Manufacturer of Electrical Equipment

FTG is domiciled in the Black Forest and at home all over the world.

We produce power connection and distribution systems for the entire world at various sites in Europe and beyond.
Our products are used in many kind of switchboards. The product portfolio starts with 1- to 4-pole busbars, power
distribution blocks, terminals, cable bridges or earthing material. Many products are UL listed for the American market.

A globally organised export team ensures the worldwide availability of our products and gives advice to our customers.

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Take a look in our catalog! On 15 pages you will find components of electrical euquipment for power distribution and connection for UL, including UL busbars: 498, cuttable 489 and 508 as well as power distribution blocks like PDB+ and solar PDBs up to 400A, flexible systems and the busbars for motor protection switches. For the general cataloge, please have a closer look on the download site.

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