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From the Black Forest across the globe

At FTG, we are part of an international group. We combine a sense of tradition and a down-to-earth attitude with high standards of innovation and quality. At our production sites, we manufacture to the highest quality standards, and continuous monitoring guarantees that our products work perfectly.

Since July 2016, FTG has been part of the Amphenol Group, which was founded in 1932. Within the Group, FTG is part of Amphenol Global Interconnect Systems.
The company is one of the world‘s largest manufacturers of plug connections and is widely represented across a range of fast growing markets, such as the automobile industry, broadband communication, aerospace industry, industrial plants, information technology and data communication, military, mobile devices and mobile telephones. Globally, the Amphenol Group has over 89,000 employees and is represented in over 40 countries across the world.


On approximately 190 pages you will find components of electrical euquipment for power distribution and connection, including 1- to 4-pole busbars, UL busbars, busbars for NH fuse switch disconnectors, motor protection switches, flexible systems, vertical power distribution systems, power distribution blocks, terminals, wiring bridges and earthing material.

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