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AFTG PHasenschienen Busbars

The safe, modern wiring of electrotechnical protection devices (including ground leakage circuit breakers, line circuitbreakers, Neozed, D/D0 fuse mounts, over-voltage and lightning protection devices) is guaranteed using busbars. These bars are available to our customers in 1-pole, 2-pole, 3-pole and 4-pole versions. In addition, the busbars are supplied in cross-sections up to 95 mm², in various shapes (90° curved, E/L/T/Z/SPM/SKN shape) and in versions with a pin or fork. Our products are manufactured in accordance with the standards EN 60947-1:207, EN 61439-1:2011, DIN 60947-1:207 and DIN 61439-1:2011. By using busbars, customers can be sure
that their application is mounted in a way that is safer, more compact, faster and more cost-effective than the outdated methods using cables that have so far been common practice. These products are available as insulated metre busbars in the standard version. Using these busbars, any connections can be cut to the required lengths for fast, flexible connection. When the end covers are then attached, customers have a technically safe product in protection category IP20, for use in individual applications. If customers require, the busbars can be manufactured in the required length or division units in our factory in Triberg. If customers require an even more effective, faster and space-saving busbar system for their application, the Eurovario system
is the right choice for them. The Eurovario system is extremely compact but is just as good as the busbars by the metre in terms of its quality and current-carrying capacity. In addition, the bars are designed in such a way that they can easily be connected by overlapping, if a distribution system needs to be expanded. Overlapping also means that the cross-section can be doubled to up to 50 mm². Busbars in this series are supplied ready for use, since these bars are available in pre-cut lengths. With this series, there is thus absolutely no need for time-consuming cutting, deburring and cleaning. To reduce the assembly time and effort to a minimum and to avoid installation errors, a new generation of the Eurovario system with welded terminal is available.

Four Pole Busbar Variants

AFTG vierpolige Eurovario

Four pole Eurovario Busbars

The preasembled and fully insulated busbars are simple and easy to use for connecting MCBs.

AFTG Gabel Steg Phasenschiene

Busbars with fork or pin lugs

The needed lug design is depending on the MCB in use. FTG offers both fork and pin in different variants, combinations and lengths.

AFTG Phasenschiene Auxiliary

busbars for auxiliary switches

There are also busbars with a bigger pitch, if there are auxiliary switches in use.

4polige Phasenschienen Sonderschienen

special busbars

As a specialist in busbar pordction FTG also offers busbars for individual applications. Contact us for an offer on special busbars.

Differences in design

There are different busbars feed-in options needed, depending on the used devices. Therefore the FTG busbars can differ in insulation design. The following insulation designs are available depending on the busbar:

Large selection of different criteria

Designs of four pole Busbars

AFTG Phasenschienen Bauform

E Design

The E design corresponds to the insulation of the Eurovario busbars.

AFTG Phasenschienen Bauform


The busbar is stamped in T design when connecting lugs are in the middle of the insulation.

AFTG Phasenschienen Bauform


Connection lugs (fork/pin) are flush with the front of the busbar insulation.

AFTG Phasenschienen Bauform


Connection lugs (fork/pin) are flush with the front of the busbar insulation with an addition insulated back part.

AFTG Phasenschienen Bauform


Depending on insertion, the connection lugs (fork/pin) are bent beyond the insulation. Busbars with separated neutral phase.

One to four pole Eurovario Busbars

The Eurovario busbars are not only ready for immediate use, they can also be expanded. If the sub-distribution is added by a unit, the wiring of the circuit breakers can easily be expanded using the same busbar. The video shows two extensions in the sub-distributor.

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