FTG Phasenschienen für Photovoltaik Sicherungen

Photovoltaic Busbars

The busbars are used to connect quickly and safely fuses of photovoltaic systems, in a cheap or insulated version.

FTG BKNA Sammelschienenklemme zur Verbindung von Alu und Kupfer

Busbar Terminals

The wide range of busbar terminals of FTG - each product line for another form of application in switch boards on copper or aluminum bars.

Time Saving Installation Video

Please see also our video comparing the busbar terminals with a simple fixing on bars versus drilling using screw and nut to install cable on bus bar.

Phasenschienen vertikal

Pan Assembly - Vertical Busbars

The vertical busbars with or without installation frame, manufactured according to British Standard, are versatile and can be used for high currents. Different labels such as for the UK, Oceania and the United Arab Emirates can be freely selected as well as between the fully molded and air-insulated version.

Industrie Stromverteiler

Industry Solutions

The versatility of our product applications brings us to sectors such as mechanical and plant engineering, control cabinet construction, renewable energy, industry or infrastructural applications such as street lighting.

Sammelschienen Eurovario Kammschienen

Eurovario Busbars

Easy and fast connection. The expansion of electric circuits by attachments or additionally required machines is usually cumbersome, because a phase rail previously cut to size must be removed and replaced. The Eurovario system from FTG, which is manufactured in the Black Forest plant in Triberg, enables a simple further connection by overlapping the rails without prior sawing.


PDB+ One Pole Power Distribution Block

Touch safe and individually adjustable. Innovative and attractive. With the new single-pole compact distributors from FTG highest engineering meets modern design! Many new innovative features and elaborate details, such as colored marking plates for N, PE, etc., individually adjustable phase marking and practical locking clips for DIN rail mounting, improve work on the control cabinet.


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