Blanking plates, Busbar covers and Contect Grease of FTG

Blindabdeckung, Sammelschienenabdeckung und Polfett

Blanking Plates

Blind covers for switchboards, can be broken off without tools for simple, quick and safe assembly! The blind covers are available in the colors white, gray and dark gray (other colors on request). Their length is 220 mm / 12 modules. 3 interlocks are possible per module. These are packed in poly bags (10 pieces each), carton (50 pieces each) and box (500 pieces). For better heat regulation, the blind covers are also available in a perforated version and specially designed for network technology. The high-quality plastic with fire protection class V0 according to UL 94 and the lock BAV1, which can be locked, ensure additional protection for your application.

Your advantage overview:
+ breakable (therefore toolless mounting)
+ clear edges through breaking points
+ high quality
+ locks as special accessorie (available on request #BAV1)
+ low-price warranty
+ available in almost every colour

Busbar cover Schienenberührschutz

Busbar covers

Busbar covers for copper and aluminum bars in switchboards. All covers are made of halogen-free material in PC / ABS. These serve as contact protection for 5 mm and 10 mm thick busbars. Depending on the length of the application, the busbar covers can be sawn to size as required. The widths of the covers are 13 mm, 21 mm and 31 mm and are therefore adapted to standardized busbar widths. All variants are available in gray.


Polfett - Säureschutzfett

PFT contact grease is a grease based corrosion protection agent for electrical contacts. This grease has a smooth, supple structure, a favourable cold behaviour, is water-repellent and is resistant to both cold and hot water. It protects against corrosion, oxidation and salt formation.

PFT contact grease is electrically non-conductive. If the terminals are properly tightened, the terminal pressure is sufficient to displace the grease layer and thus ensure gas-tight direct metallic contact. Before applying PFT contact grease, put on the tube cap and remove oxides from all contact surfaces in order to make them metallically bright. It is applied thinly to terminal contacts as a closed film.

- 100g or 200g incl. tube cap
- anticorrosive substance on a fat basis
- versatile protection in different weather conditions
- calcium grease DIN 51825
- application in combination with aluminum terminals for a gas-tight, metallic contact

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