Toolless Clamping Connection


The product range of Friedrich Göhringer Elektrotechnik GmbH offers a large amount of passive components for power distribution.  A toolless mounting of conductors is comfortable and time-saving. Thanks to the spring clamp connection used in some of FTGs products this is viable for individual applications.

Products with Toolless Conductor Connections

KA42 | KA42SP

The measurement point terminal with spring clamp connection  was made for a max. current of 25A and max. voltage of 690V AC. The terminal is available with to different protection classes, depending on the application.

Easy Connection Box

The Easy Connection Box (ECB) terminal has been established on the market for years. The ECB is available as KS74x with two screw terminals from 2.5 to 25 mm² and 14 spring-loaded terminals from 0.5 to 4 mm² rigid as well as for strands with wire end ferrules as well as KS74Hx with one screw connection of 2.5 to 25 mm² and has only seven spring terminals from 0.5 to 4 mm². The DIN rail holder of the ECB terminal KS74Hx can be individually mounted longitudinally and transversely, so that the terminal fulfills every need in the control cabinet. The cables can be attached without tools into the spring plug-in terminal and released at any time using a small screwdriver. Screw terminals are used to fasten the main supply line.  The KS74Hx is available in the colors grey, blue, green / yellow, red and black, as well as in various strung modules.

DSKF | DSKM Terminals

The terminals offer toolles mounting what results in a large time save. Thanks to the control windows for correctly mounted conductors the terminals also offer more saftey. Voltage mesuring is also available through the control opening. No lever operation needed for clamping solid conductors.

Flat plugs

The flat plug can be used for simple plug-in connections. For example, circuits that need to be interrupted for measuring.

EST earthing busbars

The EST erathing busbars are compact solutions for potential equalization with flat plug connections and are available in different lengths and so with variable amount of connection points.

Applications with Toolless Conductor Connections

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