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British Standard

Air insulated busbars VBR - Resin moulded busbars
no. of phases 3 3 / 3+N / 4
triple pole ways 4 - 24 4 - 24
type pin pin and fork
ampere rate 125A/ 250A 125A- 800A
short circuit withstand 25 kA conditional bis zu 105 kA (Ipk)
incomer 18mm² pin, fork or bolt
, 18 / 35 / 52.5 oder 70 mm
outgoings 18mm², direct pin or fork, 18 / 25.4 oder 35 mm
conductors Copper, tin plated Copper, tin plated
max. operating voltage 690V 690V
protection IP 20 IP 20
regulations IEC 61439-1, ASTA IEC 61439-1 (-2), ASTA

Air insulated busbars

The FTG VBA-system impresses by its economic efficiency. An attractive price is accompanied by a time saving feature of about 30% for mounting the busbars compared with extensive wiring! The VBA-systems from FTG are designed as modular systems - 4 to 24 ways are available as a standard. Due to the compact construction besides time, space will be saved and connection errors will be minimized. A wide selection of various designs covers any mounting requirement. Besides the standard range FTG develops and manufactures custom made solutions based on your very special demands.

Resin moulded busbars

The fully sealed-in vertical bars from FTG are a safe choice. As well as the air insulated version, this high quality design saves space in the mounting situation. The range covers bars with up to 24 ways and a maximum current load of 800 Ampere! The resin moulded busbars are thus the appropriate alternative when the specification asks for especially durable products. More than 50 different types are available as standard versions. This allows covering all common requirements.



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