DC / NH / Master switched


Busbars for NH fuse switch disconnectors for large cross-sections

The cost of investing in renewable energies is continuing to grow. Increased costs for additional items such as copper are areas in which investors would like to make savings. After all, the complex wiring of NH fuse switch disconnectors for the increased safety of meter facilities with large cross-sections is expensive.

  1. DC: The wiring of safety switches and circuit breakers to protect power lines and equipment in industrial plants.
    2. NH disconnectors: For the wiring of NH disconnectors used in transformer stations, main distributions or domestic junction boxes. These can also be used in aviation, wind power plants or rail transport.
    3. Master switches: With traditional cabling, problems can arise in the event of heat, flexibility or individuality, requiring simple wiring of the master switch using busbars.

FTG’s busbars for NH fuse switch disconnectors stand out because of their compact design, wide choice of different versions for all sorts of equipment, copper cross-sections from 35 to 50 mm² and fast, space-saving installation. They also considerably reduce costs.



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