Auxigaine – The flexible power voltage busbars

FTG im SchaltschrankbauSteuerspannungsschienen-System Phasenschienen flexible FTG

FTG offers a wide range of flexible wiring systems. The double-pole Auxigaine busbars are suitable for superstructures up to 1.90m in length and for a maximum current of 125A. In addition, a horizontal and vertical installation is possible.

Thanks to Auxigaine busbars, it is possible to pick different potentials. These are for normal circuit breakers, power supplies or control modules (etc.). Thus, on the DIN mounting rail is more space for resources and there are no terminals necessary. The busbar offers maximum flexibility when potentials have to be changed or when new components are added.

For control cabinet manufacturers, the busbar offers many possibilities to save space, meets UL standards and can be flexibly adapted to the respective requirements.



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