Busbars for Arc Fault Detection Devices

Since December 2017, the use of a fire circuit breaker in the construction of new plants or the expansion or modification of existing systems, according to DIN VDE 0100-420: 2016-02 is no longer mandatory, but should be taken for granted. Electricity is one of the most common causes of fire, caused by damaged cable insulation, crushed wires, kinked plugs, loose contact points or faulty terminals.

Therefore, the use of fire protection switches, “Arc Fault Detection Devices” (AFDD) is recommended for low-voltage systems. These protect against the occurrence of dangerous, serial or parallel fault arcs in single-phase AC systems with currents up to 16A.

Everyone should therefore contribute to the safety of persons, capital goods and to prevent fires and in these applications retrofit AFDD circuit breakers made of halogen-free material.


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