Eurovario Busbars

Already years ago there has been a connection between electrical engineering and art. It was an art to manage the wiring safety devices in switchboards without any errors.

Conventionally, busbars for one to four pole wirings have been developed over the years which electrician can cut individually into the right length.

For, more efficiency FTG has developed the Eurovario busbar. This is a compact system which is prefabricated in Triberg. The ready-to-use busbars are available in various versions. At the beginning the main intention was to create a compact, a clear and a beneficial busbar which is fast to install and takes a less storage space. The main advantage of the busbar, a simple connection, will be quickly realizable for electricians if circuits are to add like is usually in domestic installations. Even with a small selection of busbars in stock a wide range of connection can be made in no time without complex dismantling of the old busbar and without sawing and burring.


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