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The transition period for the DIN VDE 0100-443 and DIN VDE 0100-534 standards has expired in mid-December 2018 in Germany. Since then, the installation of surge protective devices (SPD) in private residential and small commercial buildings has been mandatory. More and more electricians are starting to upgrade surge protection devices type 2 in combination with main switches – however, this requires fast and pre-assembled wiring, as made possible by the FTG busbars from Triberg.

According to the DIN VDE 0100-443 standard, electrical systems require additional protection against temporary overvoltages. Causes of overvoltages can come from the power grid or from the switchgear itself. Precautions must therefore be taken in the event of personal injury in buildings. Surge protective devices (SPD) protect against dangerous overvoltages of electrical cables and devices. Attached to this, the standard DIN VDE 0100-534 describes which requirements the suitable devices for surge protection devices in low-voltage switch boards should meet. It is defined that the surge protection device must sit at the beginning, i.e. at the entry point or close to the main switch in electrical distributors of the building.

Not only retrofitting in buildings, but also the continuing demand from the real estate market is reinforcing the need for busbars, which the electricians need to wire main switches with overvoltage protection switches. For this purpose FTG manufactures busbars for individual device combinations of main switches and surge protection devices. It is also possible to attach additional conductors to the main switch as well as to the surge protection devices.

Main features such as additional insulation for maximum touch safety due to the device offset, the different connecting lugs, whether fork or pin, or even a height offset on the insulation are possible. The 3- and 4-pole busbars with a cross-section of up to 25 sqmm are always designed for six or eight modules with the same step distance of 18 mm. The main switches from ABB, Eaton, ETI, Hager, Siemens or Schneider can be easily combined with surge protection devices such as those from Phoenix Contact, Dehnguard, CITEL, ETI or ABB of type 2.

The complete portfolio of the manufacturer, which includes a wide range of electrical equipment such as terminals and distribution blocks in addition to one to four-pole busbars, is manufactured to the inexpensive and space-saving assembly in many distribution board designs and is always ready for use at any time.

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