50 m Stainless Earthing Strap for earthing and installation

Erdungsband Vorratspack

The stainless earthing strap, which can be cutted to individual lengths, holds 50 meters strap for installation. This is used in the field of earthing, to protect against lightning strikes or for conduction of electrical currents. Can be a solution of application in mounting areas. According to VDE 0190 / 5.73, its usable for the application in earthing systems, lightning protection systems and in ring equipotential bondings.

  • – individual lengths
  • – compact design despite value package
  • – simple handling – assembly instructions on the package
  • – Nearby no risk of injury by a security slot in the carton where the strap is placed after installation is completed.
  • – with viewing window and warning message on the strap you always have an eye on the stock quantity
  • – environmentally friendly packaging