Busbars for Arc Fault Detection Devices (AFDD)

Phasenschienen für Brandschutzschalter

Since December 2017, the use of a fire protection switch when building new systems or expanding or modifying existing system is required under DIN VDE 0100-420:2016-02. Electrical faults are amongst the commonest causes of fires, which may be triggered by damaged cable insulation, crushed wires, bent connectors, loose contact points or faulty terminal devices.

Protection against fire in the form of „Arc Fault Detection Devices“ (AFDD) is therefore required for low-voltage systems. These devices provide protection against the occurrence of dangerous serial or parallel arc faults in single-phase alternating current systems with currents
up to 16A.

At FTG, we feel obliged to play our part in protecting people
and capital assets and preventing fires and have developed
the AFDD busbar, which is made from halogen-free
material, especially for this purpose.

Providing all-round protection for safe connections!