Stainless Steel Earthing Strap – 50m Value Package

For needs-based and individual montages, there is the advantage pack of 50 meters stainless steel earthing strap with associated clamping lock.

The stainless steel strap, which can be cut to individual lengths, contains a total of 50 meters of band for assembly. This is for use in the field of grounding, to protect against lightning strikes or for the discharge of electrical currents. An application in the field of assembly is possible. According to VDE 0190 / 5.73, the strap is applicable for use with earthing systems.

The compact design in the advantage pack offers easy handling with assembly instructions on the environmentally friendly packaging and a viewing window to keep an eye on the current stock. The order reminder on the last five meters of strap gives once more a more accurate indication. (# 0950Ni) In addition, there is the corresponding lock clamp made of galvanized steel in a pack of 50 pieces. (# 0952Ni)


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