Stud Terminals

Stud Terminals are used in control cabinet construction and in the area of ​​drive motors as connection terminals for high rated currents of up to 240 mm². This is usually used in the area after larger fuses, which is connected to one side of the stud terminal and with the other side to one or more switches distributed. Between the cable lug and the terminal, a tight connection is created thanks to the screw connection. If more motor movements are passed on to the distributor, the terminal scores with a high vibration resistance compared to other techniques.

The versatility of the terminal becomes clear when more outlets are required. Here a combination of several clamps has to be selected in order to distribute from large cross sections to several small outgoing cross sections. For larger cross-sections, the terminal offers the possibility of mounting two cable lugs. For example, instead of squeezing small cross-sections into a cable lug terminals for NH fuse-switch-disconnectors should be used. In addition, if required, two or even three terminals can be connected by a copper bridge.

Alternatively, the compact power distribution block of the PDB+-Series have the same application when four to six outlets are needed. (#STI025 – #STI240)


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