Connection Terminals LPDB

The DIN rail holder (KAH) in combination with the cost-effective KA terminal series offers a simple power supply, not only outdoors. In the future, the connection terminal will provide more comfort and improved handling with the new DIN rail holder in the installation.

The terminal can be the connection of several conductors. To mount the holder, first snap it onto the DIN rail. The cable is to cut to individual length and to be fixed in the clamp. This is quickly closed and then easily pushed onto the holder. Despite the compact design, in ring connections currents up to 160 A can flow. As outgoings, terminal points up to 6 mm² are available.

In an infrastructural environment, the terminal initially served to form ring circuits such as in street lights, the power supply of ship docks or campsites. However, the applications are much more diverse. (#KA50xH)


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