Solar and Wind Park

Electrical Equipment for Renewable Energies

Electric parts like one pole busbars, busbars for NH fuse switch disconnectors, feed-in terminals, distribution blocks are used for many renewable energy sources such as in switchboards of wind and solar systems.

Product Portfolio

FTG offers for the switchboards of many renewable energy sources
like wind and solar systems electrical parts for power connection and distribution.

Components for NH fuse switch disconnectors

NH SicherungslasttrennschalterIn wind power plants, the switchboard is equpied with NH fuse switches that can be easily connected by busbars of FTG.
We manufacture different designs of busbars. Here it depends on the devices that are used. Brands, supported by FTG are:

ABB, ABN Braun, Apator, DF, Efen (IN), Efen (Silas), ETI, Hager, Hensel, Jean Mueller, Jung, M. Schneider, Mersen, Moeller , OEZ, Rittal, Schrack, Siemens, Siemens (Sentric), Striebel & John, Wöhner.

The three pole busbar range is available with a length for two, three, four, five NH fuses (00|000) or by meter with maximum 33 conection lugs. The connection lugs differ in design whether it is a clamp by screwing (M8)or a cage clamp with pin. Furthermore terminals provide space for conductor feed-in up to 95 sqmm. When there are more clamping units needed, the brass terminals for cage clamps or by screwing are a perfect accessories.

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Components for solar systems

Ein Phasen StromschieneAnschlussklemme In solar panels each panel is secured by fuses collecting sun power. For an easy an quick installation FTG offers one pole busbars with welded terminal (#SKS1043 and #SKS1050) on it for a further distribution on main switch. On the other side the neutral conductors of every panel is collected on a electric power distribution block. With the solar PDB of FTG (#38690) from small conductor cross sections that are collected on the block it is transferred to main switch as a larger cross section by a cable with fork lug.

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