Eurovario – the Standard

Phasenschienen Eurovario FTG

Eurovario busbars from FTG

Easy and fast connecting

The expansion of circuits by equipment or additionally essential machines is usually cumbersome; a busbar must be selected and replaced. A simple further connection is possible with FTG’s Eurovario-System, which is manufactured in the Black Forest plant in Triberg.

The compact system of the Eurovario busbars has versatile uses, in plant construction or mechanical engineering or in domestic installations. The simple and quick installation guarantees more efficiency due to the assembly effort. As a result, conventional wiring needs up to 70 percent more time in installation.

The manufacturer produces the Eurovario busbars in various lengths and cross sections up to 25 mm². Since only a few variations can be in stock as needed, a number of further connections can be obtained. At the same time, it is possible to have punctual doubled cross sections of up to 50 mm² in order to avoid the fault of the heat load on the busbar. The Eurovario busbars are rated for currents up to 100 amperes with a voltage of 690 volts.

The Eurovario system provides an additional solution by the compact design due to its prefabricated length. The Eurovario busbars are prefabricated, so that there is no pollution by sawing on the busbars, which can cause unwanted short circuits in the sequence. To reduce assembly costs and make them even more efficient, the Eurovario-System has to be extended by a new generation. This is available with a welded feed-in terminal, which is up to 690 volts and is up to 125 amps ampacity.

The compact Eurovario system offers a wide range of advantages in addition to the simple and fast connection, which adapt to the changing requirements in plant and machine construction, domestic installation and other application areas. For almost all tasks, FTG offers the right rail with accessories.