Research & Development

Customers can fall back upon FTG’s know-how even when new machines and plants are being planned and developed. This early inclusion makes for an ideal use of existing products or their required modification.

UL Products

Product development

For individual combinations of machines and switches in complex systems, standard solutions often do not suffice. In such cases, FTG modifies existing products according to the new specifications and requirements.If need be, entirely new products are developed and tested in FTG’s own laboratory in conjunction with the customer.

FTG does complex certifications in conjunction with the respective institutes. Some FTG products are UL-certified, for example. For frequently recurring assembly situations, FTG provides complete ready-made power distribution packages.

Utmost application safety aside, FTG power distribution systems also have in common that they make power distribution more effective! To be precise, FTG products save ever reduced space in switchboards, make maintenance and repair work easier and the assembly of power switching stations and control systems less time-consuming. They also minimize the risk of connection errors. Economically efficient safety!


Take a look in our catalog! On 15 pages you will find components of electrical euquipment for power distribution and connection for UL, including UL busbars: 498, cuttable 489 and 508 as well as power distribution blocks like PDB+ and solar PDBs up to 400A, flexible systems and the busbars for motor protection switches. For the general cataloge, please have a closer look on the download site.

US Catalog


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