FTG Headquarter Triberg



Today, FTG is one of the leading companies for power connection systems. Over 290 employees in Triberg are responsible for the development, production and international distribution of the company‘s high-quality products.

Move AFS to GAE

The chinese production facility AFS moves over to GAE in Nantong, CN.

Takeover of Werit‘s part of electric terminals

Takeover of WERIT Kunststoffwerke W. Schneider GmbH & Co. KG. electrical terminals, which consists of main branch terminals and terminal stripes.

Amphenol – Global Interconnect Systems

Amphenol becomes the new majority shareholder of AUXEL.

Friedrich Göhringer

Friedrich Göhringer dies at the age of 90.


Continued economic growth means that a further building section is needed. An extension is added to the production area.

50th Anniversary of FTG
FTG Gründer F. Göhringer und Herr Pavy

FTG celebrates its 50th anniversary.


A connecting building is added to the complex, linking administration and production to ensure closer networking.

AUXEL FTG Shanghai

The subsidiary company AUXEL FTG Shanghai is established. Around 50 people work in the Chinese plant, which supplies the Asia region.

Expansion for more production space

In 2004, FTG purchases the adjacent post distribution centre, thus securing production space required for further growth.

Purchase of the old clock factory

FTG acquires the building of a former clock factory and the adjoining plot of land.


The French company AUXEL buys shares in FTG. The company becomes a ‚GmbH‘ (limited liability company). Friedrich Göhringer continues as Managing Director of FTG for many years.

Purchase of the former Guesthouse

To expand the production facilities, Mr. Göhringer buys a former guesthouse at Gerwigstraße 41, which is extended several times.

Start of industrial production

Start of the industrial series production of busbars.

Company Foundation
VW Bulli von FTGs Firmengründer

Friedrich Göhringer establishes the installation company.


Friedrich Göhringer
Elektrotechnik GmbH
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78098 Triberg, Germany

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