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FTG provides a range of more than 5,000 busbars, and there are new ones each and every day. FTG is one of the globally largest busbar manufacturers and has been developing them in Triberg in Germany for almost 40 years. 


  • saves time and labour
  • is less error-prone than wiring
  • has the advantage of heat being discharged via the busbar
  • given the diversity of the products, meets all application requirements and can be used for all types of devices

Busbars vs. wiring

Although busbars have been available for more than 40 years now, automated machinery or safety switches are often still connected with cables. Every point of contact then has to be insulated and the conductor length adjusted to the respective requirement. As a rule, this is time-consuming manual work, requiring a lot of labour and time, and is error-prone.

Easiest possible assembly of busbars

Busbars are available as bulk stock or ready-made for the respective application (e.g. Eurovario). They are ordered for and in accordance with the devices to be connected. Bulk stock is cut and insulated with end caps. Ready-made busbars don’t have to be cut! The devices are then connected by inserting and screwing in the busbar. Power can be fed in by for example a feed-in terminal.


FTG busbars will always fit...

FTG has the right busbars for all renowned manufacturers of safety switches or automated machinery. FTG produces all step spacings, fin shapes, intersections, designs and phase sequences at its plant in the Black Forest.

… or will be made to fit

A wide production range and punching and bending and copper-handling know-how acquired over decades provide for a very flexible production of FTG busbars: both small quantities and bulk orders are produced in a timely fashion and in high quality. New developments or gearing existing products to new market or technical requirements pose no challenge whatsoever to FTG. This is what we do every day.

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