Covid-19 FTG Service


Emergency plan during the corona pandemic

Dear Valued Partner,

We fulfill our duty of care towards our employees so that our customers, suppliers and business partners are optimally protected during the current pandemic.

Our contingency plan, which we have drawn up due to the global Covid-19 pandemic, is constantly being reviewed. Current results are used as an opportunity to carefully check and adapt processes. The precautionary measures taken and the greatest possible health protection for everyone involved are still very important in our company. Its validity is extended; At the same time, corrections are made at individual points.

This contingency plan includes the following; a) our Sales staff will not undertake any customer visits, b) we will not allow any outside visitors, c) we will provide multiple possibilities for desinfection d) some of the administrational staff has still mobile working conditions that the production can be maintained for you.

We will pass this pandemia in close collaboration with you and thank you in advance for your understanding and your patience.

Stay healthy!
Your FTG Team