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UL 489 + UL 508 – top performance, maximum safety

Flexibility for UL. A number of applications can be covered; the assembly makes for no limitations. If you feed in from above, below, centrally or laterally, FTG busbars, “made in Germany”, meet all requirements. And there are lots of accessories, too, like terminals or end caps.

Globally safe. When operating power switching stations, the power connections always have to be standard-compliant. FTG has a number of such products which are UL-certified.

  • For circuit breakers in accordance with UL 508 / 1077 and auxiliary switches
  • Also in combination with safety switches in accordance with UL 512
  • Versions with 1, 2 and 3 phases
  • Designed for 80/100 A
  • For central feed-in 160/200 A
  • Sawable
  • Finger-safe through end caps
  • Extensive accessories, e.g. terminals and end caps
  • In part also suitable for DC applications

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