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Busbars for Motor Protection Switches accessories

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VSMeasy – safe connections, the shortest way

VSMeasy is a product for quite a number of different appliance manufacturers and thus an efficient way to ensure an electrical and mechanical connection between the individual components.



Compact design, flexible use

VSMeasy has a convincingly compact bar design, which saves a lot of space. One hallmark is that they are full-cast. A swivelled assembly makes for a flexible extension of the bars, just as the space in the switchboard may require it.

Time saving  and short circuits preventing

Using VSMeasy makes for a short-circuit-safe and short-circuit-proof connection guaranteeing a touch-safe set-up. The time saved during the assembly is a huge cost advantage.

The right accessories

These busbars are designed for motor circuit breakers of up to 120A. Also available as accessories are the right feed-in terminals in accordance with IEC  60947 and UL 508E for the respective motor circuit breaker versions. Also available are star-triangle, turning and special cable bridges.

The adapter system – very easy to assemble and maintain

To make you even more flexible, there are also adapter systems for direct, turning or star-triangle combinations. You can thus realise a prewiring outside the switchboard and exchange the entire combination if there is a breakdown. This is made possible by the sliding DIN rails on the adapter. 

Saves time, money and space

Saving about 15% of space and about 50% of time when compared with a conventional DIN-rail assembly, using these adapters soon pays off.

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