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Custom-made cable assembly

Custom-made cable assembly

It’s as simple as that. Cable assembly with individual labelling of single strands. All assembly parameters, such as the design of cable ends, dismantling length and so on, can be individually specified.

Wirings require less time, because start and end point can be printed on the individual strand. It is thus possible to equip a control cabinet even without reading the wiring diagram.

  • inkjet labelling in black and white
  • individual strands from 0.5 to 95mm²
  • cables up to 35mm diameter!
  • bundling for all ranges in sequenced or round bundles
  • ultrasonically compressed from 0.5 to 35mm²
  • compression up to 20mm length
  • compaction length from tip to isolation is freely selectable   
  • crimping of all contacts
  • printing of larger packaging units, too, up to a cable length of 2,000 metres
  • taping of strand/cable harnesses
  • enormous reduction of assembly times

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