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1-phase busbars

1-phase busbars

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Standard busbars (with equal pitch)

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Busbars for UL

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Distribution between rows, 10mm², applicable for 35mm DIN rail and heights of 7,5mm, 10mm and 15mm

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A-Z Bauform / Shape
L L-Form / L-Form
T T-Form / T-form
M Motorschutzschalter-Schienen / Motor Protective Switches Busbar
E Eurovario-Schienen / eurovario
F gerade, blank / straight, blank
G 90° gebogen, blank / bended 90°, blank
H gerade, isoliert / straight, isoliert
K 90° gebogen, isoliert / bended 90°, isoliert
V in einem anderen Winkel gebogen, isoliert / different angle, insulated X Diverse / Miscellaneous

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